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Date Sunday, April 21, 1872

The bats, balls and appurtenances of the old Red Stocking club of Cincinnati were sold at auction last week, and the lease of the grounds surrendered to the owner. The organization is now entirely defunct. Philadelphia Sunday Republic April 21, 1872

The Cincinnati Club expired two years ago, and its spirit flew to the happy hunting grounds of Boston. On the 13th instant its stock of materials and case of trophies were put up at auction. Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch April 21, 1872

The following is the record of the trophies. The amount of the various other articles is not given. Pitcher and goblets won in tournament of 1867, $40; gold medal, tournament in 1866, $30; Mutual, 2-4 ball, of 1869, $10; Athletic, 25-27 ball, of 1870, $5; Mutual, 12-15 ball, of 1870, $4; Haymaker, 32-38 ball, of 1869, $3.50; Eckford, 5-26 ball, of 1860, $3; Athletic, 18-27 ball, of 1869, $3; Buckey [sic], 10-28 ball, of 1868, $2; Forest City, of Rockford, 14-15, 1869, $2. Other balls, of Harvard, Stars, Marylands, National, Olympics, Forest City, of Cleveland, and other prominent clubs, from $1 to $3. Streamers of 1869, $7. Streamers of 1870, $5. Philadelphia Sunday Mercury April 28, 1872

Captain Harry Wright is in receipt of a letter from a Mr. Butler, later of the Junior Red Stockings of Cincinnati, informing him that many of the trophies won by the old Red Stocking nine, and recently sold by the managers of the Cincinnati Base Ball Club, were purchased by him and have been sent by express to Boston, with a request that he will divide them among his old comrades, retaining the champion gold medal won by the Reds himself. This is what should have been done with them before the sale. Philadelphia Sunday Mercury May 12, 1872

Source Philadelphia Sunday Republic
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