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Date Saturday, October 1, 1881

Secrecy on the outlaw-list was raised, and the list includes Houck, and Dorgan, of Detroit; Crowley and Fox, of the Boston; Dickerson, of the Worcesters; Gross and Brown, of the Providence, and Nolan, of the Clevelands. None of these men can play in League Clubs, nor will League clubs play any outside Clubs presenting or employing them. They are on the same footing as expelled players, excepting that they can be reinstated by unanimous consent of the League, while in case of expulsion no application for reinstatement will be received.

Clapp, of the Clevelands, is not to be engaged by any league Club, but no objection is made to his playing in non-League Clubs.

The action of the League in this matter was unanimous, and was the inevitable result of the many known cases of disgraceful drunkenness and open insubordination that have occurred this season. Four of the best known and most skillful players in the country in their respective positions narrowly escaped being proscribed. They will be given a chance to redeem themselves. If any further complaints are made their names will be added to the list by direction of the League.

Source Cincinnati Enquirer
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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