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Date Saturday, March 23, 1872

With a view to good order and efficiency, the directors of the Forest City Base Ball Association have adopted the following rules and regulations for the government of their club for the season of 1872:–

First.–The captain of the club shall be elected by the board of directors, and hold his office during their pleasure. He shall be subjected to all the rules and regulations of the association, the same as the other players.

Second.–The captain shall have full control, and will be held responsible for the discipline of the club. He shall require the members to practice each day, weather permitting, when not engaged for play (Sundays excepted) time and manner of practice to be under and subject to his direction with the approval of the Board of Directors. When the club meets for practice the captain shall call the roll of members and report any absentees or any misconduct on the part of members to the president of the board of directors after practice hours. He may suspend any member for disobedience of orders, intoxication, or conduct unbecoming a gentleman, and report this action to the president in writing.

Third.–No member of the club will be excused from practice or play unless upon a written certificate from Dr. N. S. Prentice, and said certificate must state the cause. In order to prevent suspension, the certificate must be handed to the captain before practice or play hour, and be approved by him.

Fourth.–During the playing season every member of the club is required to abstain from the use of intoxicating liquors in any shape and from keeping late hours. And if at any time during the season any member of the club becomes intoxicated, or incapacitated and unable to play base ball from the effects of dissipation, or disease brought on by the same, the board may suspend, fine or expel him on the charges being proven.

Fifth.–Absence on the part of any member without leave from the captain and the approval of the director in charge during any tour made by the club, shall be sufficient cause for the board to cancel his contract.

Sixth.–No members of the club shall accept any present or gift of money to lose or assist in losing a game. Any violation of this rule will subject the offending member to be expelled in disgrace.

Seventh.–Any member of the club who shall use improper language while on the field, or dispute the discipline of any umpire during the progress of the game except when called upon to do so, refuses to obey the captain in the exercise of his lawful authority, or leave the field when assembled for practice or play, without permission from the captain, upon being reported to the board of directors by the captain, they may fine or expel, as the case may require.

Eighth.–Each member of the club will be held personally responsible for the safe keeping of his uniform, and be required to keep it clean and in good order at all times. If the uniform is destroyed or lost by any carelessness on the part of the player, the expense of procuring a new one will be charged to his account. No member will be allowed to use the uniform of another member without the permission of the owner.

Ninth.–Members of the club will be paid their dues by the treasurer on the 1st and 15th of each month; but in no case will they be paid in excess of salary, nor will any order be recognized by the treasurer.

Source New York Clipper
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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