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Date Sunday, July 20, 1873

For a long time there has been considerable trouble among the members of the Athletic club and a universal growl at the unsatisfactory state of the finances and the bad management in forcing the club into games in too rapid succession or when the men were tired and disabled. During the last fortnight these ominous murmurs have culminated in open condemnation of the directors, and at the monthly meeting on Friday night last the subject was at once brought up. A long and heated discussion ensued in which charges were openly made that the t4reasury should have much more money in it than there is. It is true that the balance is on the right side, but the opposition claim strongly that it should be much larger. Several members declared that the fact was obvious that the club is not being rightly managed, and at last a resolution was introduced that the officers be requested to resign at once. This passed by 16 yeas to 4 nays, and the club adjourned to meet again on Friday night next.

The unexpectedly heavy vote the resolution obtained has dismayed the friends of the directors, who are much more in the minority than was anticipated. They are powerless in ths matter, and several of the officers rightfully declare to resign, Mr. Rogers stating so openly. Indeed, whether the accusation be false or not, it is the only manly method, as the matter now stands. The vindication can then be made at leisure. The main charge appears to be against President Hayhurst, whom, it is charged, has arbitrarily taken entire control of the management of the club, and especially the finances. It is alleged that he provides an insufficient number of tickets for the matches, and this often causes the second sale of the same tickets, and therefore, necessitates the disturbing of the tickets taken in, and that he takes charge of the tickets and money at the close of the game, deducts expenses and hands the balance to the treasurer. These charges bear on their faces grave suspicions of the integrity of Mr. Hayhurst, and while we do not pretend to take one side or the other at present, our information being as yet one-sided, we think Mr. Hayhurst should make such an explanation, if in his power, as will complete refute them. We hear that he intends at the meeting, to present a statement of expenditures and receipts, and but enemies say that this will not do, that he must go behind that, and bring proof of the amounts taken in by witnesses. We confess that if he has taken charge of the receipts himself before they have been counted, that it will be a difficult task no matter how innocent he may be. He had pluck and intelligence enough, however, to make a good fight, and we hope for himself clean hands. His best plan will be to resign at once, although we hear that he refuses to do so. If clear, there will be no difficulty in a triumphant re-election. Of course the officers will have their story to tell, and until it appears, the public should withhold their verdict, especially as Hicks asserts that it is a vile conspiracy to oust and disgrace the officers. Philadelphia Sunday Republic July 20, 1873

On Friday night an adjourned meeting of the Athletic club was held, at which the charges against the officers were reiterated, and Mr. Spering presented an affidavit alleging deficits in the receipts of several games as between actual count made by him and the amount turned into the treasury. Much excitement prevailed, and finally a committee of five was appointed to investigate the charges. As the matter stands at present we prefer to make no comments, lest we might damage innocent parties. Te truth will soon be out and then an intelligent verdict can be rendered. In the mean time the officers are unwise in not resigning at once, although the resolution of request was rescinded for the present. Philadelphia Sunday Republic July 27, 1873

Source Philadelphia Sunday Republic
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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