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Add a Clipping
Date Saturday, November 29, 1890

[reporting the AA meeting 11/22] About the first to arrive were Von der Ahe and Comiskey. The St. Louis president wore a new suit of clothing and a smile, which proved conclusively that he and Commy had bridged their differences. “The Players' League is under a cloud,” said Comiskey, “and the respects are not very flattering, to say the least. Addison told me he was going to get out of it the best way he could. He went East, however, prepared to fight it out, but when he saw that the backers of the other clubs were determined to get in and out of the wet, then he, too, resolved to look out for himself.” When salary was mentioned Comiskey smiled a very significant smile, but said nothing. “Yes, I have made a contract for next season,” said he, “and I will be at the old stand, guarding first base for the St. Louis Browns.

Source ” The Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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