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Date Sunday, May 15, 1887

... It will be remembered that at the last meeting of the arbitration committee the American Association make a determined effort to have section 6, of the national agreement, so amended as to prohibit a club from jumping from one association into the ranks of another without the consent of all the clubs of the organization to which that club might belong.

The secession of Pittsburg had opened the eyes of the American Association to the danger that continually threatened their territory from the encroachment of the League. Young Watrous, of the Metropolitan Club, led the attack for the Association, and he proposed to fight the League upon this issue unless they agreed to the amendment. But the League would not agree to it. Watrous then turned to his colleagues, Byrne, of Brooklyn, and Phelps, of Louisville, but they would not support him. “I am disgusted with the actions of the American Association,” said Watrous right out in the committee. “Before I came in here every club in the Association was for war. They wanted this section amended. We were instructed to that effect. Now that I am here I propose to follow out my instructions, but you see, gentlemen of the League, my colleagues will not support me.” Messrs. Byrne and Phelps were for harmony. So was John I. Rogers, who was looking after the League’s interest. “We don’t want to fight,” said Rogers to Watrous. “No,” retorted Watrous, “you come along and steal my best girl. You don’t want to fight, but I do.” The section was finally amended so that a club desiring to go from one association to another would have to do so in the month of November. This leaves the section about the same as it was before. The American Association territory is still open to the encroachments of the League, and the latter proposes to improve its circuit for next season by the addition of one or two of the Association clubs.

Source Philadelphia Times
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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