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Date Saturday, December 6, 1890

[from Brunell's column] The trouble was that our emancipators—with their eye on the “stuff” spigot—exceeded themselves in their own generosity, so to speak. What is more natural? You've heard of luxuriantly equipped parties going out mining, and after it coming back afoot, and modestly. That's the same old game. So that when we met in New York and wiped out the “trust” feature, as it was called, that is the division of profits and losses by clubs, everybody was willing—except Buffalo—because there were to be no losses. I was in the general swim. Then a $40,000 guarantee fund was needed. That was too easy, though later it took the form of $5000 bonds, wh9ich couldn't be collected. Did you ever see a base ball bond that could be collected? I didn't. Then guaranteed contracts to the players were needed. Clubs were given permission to make such contracts. But not a dozen were signed. And the bark floated on with some on board that would have kicked had they dared. But the voyage was on and breakers were ahead, and no one dared. The players being promised all these things could not be blamed for seeking to collect. And most of them sought. Why therefore should the patriots and saviors howl about the players and why the patriots and saviors who took so athletic a part in the “throw down?” If they had used as good judgment and such general loyalty to their associates as the players showed them there'd be more in the patriotic and salvation pool to-day. I shouldn't have had to give checks that were not paid, and we could have shared in a compromise, and not in an absorption. That is the way it seems to me in this Western land. How does it hit the general eye?

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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