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Pork, Hard-Tack, Beans, and Baseball in the 5th Mass Artillery

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“We had plenty of pork and hard tack to go with the beans. We amused ourselves when the weather would permit by having a game of baseball.”

William A. Waugh, Reminiscences of the rebellion or what I saw as a private soldier on the 5th Mass. Light Battery from 1861-1863. Provided by Michael Aubrecht, May 15 2009. Waugh is here describing life in winter quarters near Falmouth on the Virginia coast and east of Fredericksburg.

[37] Wisconsin Man’s Diary Included a Dozen References to Ballplaying

Private Jenkin Jones sprinkled 12 references to ballplaying in his Civil War Diary. They range from December 1862 to February 1865. Most are very brief notes, like the “played ball in the afternoon he recorded in Memphis in February 1863 [page 34]. The more revealing entries:

Jenkin Lloyd Jones, An Artilleryman’s Diary (Wisconsin History Commission, 1914). Accessed on Google Books 6/3/09 via “’wisconsin history commission’ ‘No. 8’” search. Jones was from Spring Green, WI, which is about 30 miles west of Madison and 110 miles west of Milwaukee. Jones later became a leading Unitarian minister and a pacifist. Leads provided by Jeff Kittel, 5/12/09.

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