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Cricket and Bass Long Played in Pittsfield MA

Salience Noteworthy
Tags Pre-modern Rules
City/State/Country: Pittsfield, MA, United States
Game Cricket, Bass
Age of Players Youth


[excerpt comes in a discussion of Pittsfield MA] --

"It is a forest tree one of the old aboriginal growth when the town was settled, and in the mind of every native citizen, is associated with all the sunny hours and fairy visions of childhood. Beneath it the boys play their games of cricket and bass, and have played them an hundred years; the swain whispers there his soft tale to the ruddy cheeked lass he loves; the school-girls circle round it, in their soft-toned merriment."


Sketches of New England, John Carver, (New York, 1842.)

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Submitted by David Block
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