Putnam Club of Brooklyn v Union Club of Morrisania on 17 July 1860

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Date of Game Tuesday, July 17, 1860
Location Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field Putnam grounds
Home Team Putnam Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Union Club of Morrisania
Score 18 - 12

Putnam (Brooklyn, E.D.) 18

Union (Morrisania) 12

(BDE: “This great match took place yesterday. A very large number were present, and the playing was generally good. The first inning won the game for the Putnam, making seven runs by very loose fielding on the part of the Union, and had the playing been as it should have been the game would have resulted in a ‘tie’.”)

(NYT: “About a thousand peple assembled … to witness a spirited contest between the above Clubs, and their expectations were not disappointed, for, omitting the first innings, it was one of the closest games of the season.”)

(NYC: “At the close of the game the parties were all taken to the handsome club rooms of Theal’s in Williamsburgh, and were there treated in the most hospitable manner by the Putnams. An hour’s social intercourse was had, after the disposal of the good thigs set before them, and songs and sentiments ruled for the remainder of the evening, the ‘Press’ being highly complimented.”)


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Found by Craig Waff
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