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<p>Bill's paper on the introduction of modern base ball to Canada is at:</p> <p>  </p>  +
<p>Have made over 7700 entries.</p><p>Attempted to make US pre-1861, Civil War, IL pre-1871 complete as far as clubs are concerned.</p><p>Researched and input entries for 162 foreign countries, including first in Great Britain.</p><p>Made over 1800 changes and correx to GNYC entries.</p><p>Written several analytical articles.</p>  +
<p>In January 2018, Corky agreed to serve as moderator for a Protoball-based email conversation on how and why the base ball evolved the way it did.  As part of that discussion, the group plans to review the evidence on the balls used in earlier games, including real tennis, cricket, stoolball, and golf.</p>  +
<p>Craig had found and recorded over 2000 game accounts (Several hundred are slated for uploads in June 2016) .  His topic checklist is the source of our standard format for early base ball games.  You can search these games at [[EnhancedSearch]]</p>  +