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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Missouri 16 Games and 201 Clubs

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16 Games and 201 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Union Club of St. Louis 1859 St. Louis MO MO
Ballgame Cyclone Club of St. Louis v Morning Star Club of St. Louis 24 - 49 1860-07-09 St. Louis MO MO
Club Antelopes Club of Kansas City 1866-07 Kansas City MO Kansas City, MO
Club Empire Club of Chillicothe 1866-08 Chillicothe MO Chillicothe, MO
Ballgame Antelope Base Ball Club of Kansas City v Pomeroys Club of Atchison 48 - 28 1866-08-12 Kansas City MO Kansas City, MO
Club Club of Sedalia 1867 Sedalia MO Sedalia, MO
Club Granby Club of Neosho 1867 Neosho MO Neosho, MO
Club Club of Troy 1867-04-01 Troy MO Troy, MO
Club Club of Oregon 1867-04-13 Oregon MO Oregon, MO
Club Capital Base Ball Club of Jefferson City 1867-07-04 Jefferson City MO Jefferson City, MO
Club Star Base Ball Club of California 1867-08-10 California MO California, MO
Club Club of Hannibal 1868 Hannibal MO Hannibal, MO
Club Club of Charleston 1869-06-02 Charleston MO Charleston, MO
Club Athlete Club of Lexington 1870 Lexington MO Lexington, MO
Club Eagles Club of Westport, Kansas City 1871 Westport, Kansas City MO Westport, Kansas City, MO
Club Resolute Club of St. Genevieve 1872 St. Genevieve MO St. Genevieve, MO
Club Occidental Club of New Haven 1873 New Haven MO New Haven, MO
Club Brown Sox Club of St. Charles 1875 St. Charles MO St. Charles, MO
Club Hamburgs Club of Mechanicsville 1875 Mechanicsville MO Mechanicsville, MO
Club Anchor Club of St. Mary 1875-07 St. Mary MO St. Mary, MO

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