Fashion Club of Victoria v H(x)cbuck. on 24 March 1863

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Date of Game Tuesday, March 24, 1863 Reported March 25, 1863
Location Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Modern Address 1000 Park Boulevard, Victoria, BC V8V 2P8, Canada
Field Beacon Hill Park
Home Team Fashion Club of Victoria
Away Team  Add Club Page H(x)cbuck.
Score 33 - 39
Number of Players 18
NY Rules Unknown

Base Ball.

The first match of the season played at this popular American game came off yesterday afternoon on Beacon Hill. The players at first rather 'rasty' but the work improved during the game, owing to the instruction afforded to the less skilled by Mr. J. C. Keenan. Base ball is not an original American game, being only a slight variation from the old English "rounders." The following is the score of yesterday:


Players                      H. L.   R's.

Keenan, p.                  2        5

Whitehead, 1st b.        4        3

Robinson, 2nd b.         2        2

Pattels, c.                   3        4

Manning, r f.               4        3

Williams, s b.              1        4

Allan, c f.                    2       6

Hagard, 3rd b.            2        4

Laydton, l f.                2       3

       Innings                      33


H(x)cbuck. (part of word is illegible)

Players                         H. L.     R's.

Lockwood, p.                    3        4

Harty, 2nd b.                    2        5

Keenan, l f.                      3        3

Harley, s. s.                     3        3

Chapman, 3rd b.              0        6

Moss, c f.                         1        4

Butcher, 1st b.                 1        5

McLean, r f.                     0        5

Chisholm, c.                    1        4

     Innings                              39


Reported in Victoria's British Colonist, March 25, 1863.

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J. C. Keenan is John Keenan, operator of the Fashion Hotel. Many of these players had migrated to Victoria, which as a town was less than a decade old. Keenan was originally from Ireland. He operated a Hotel and racing track in Sacramento, as well as playing baseball there on a team that won a Stockton Fair tournament in 1860. Keenan's business interests had him going back and forth between Victoria and Sacramento as early as 1858. He was also a member of the Victoria Pioneer Cricket Club at that time. He was also behind the organization of another cricket club in Victoria in August 1862.

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Found by Mark Brunke
Entered by Mark Brunke
Players Locality Local
Local-Origins Study Groups Pacific Northwest Chapter of SABR


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