Eagle Club of New York v Gothams Club of New York on 8 September 1857

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Date of Game Tuesday, September 8, 1857
Location Hoboken, NJ, United States
Field Elysian Fields
Home Team  Add Club Page Eagle Club of New York
Away Team Gothams Club of New York
Score 15 - 9

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(PSOT (3): “This match, which has been for some time pending, came off this week, … The weather was all that could be expected, and the attractions of the game, the fame of the players, and the amount depending in private bets on the result, drew to the field a large concourse of the amateurs of ball play from the city and vicinity. There was also a splendid collection of feminine and juvenile beauty to grace the scene. It was expected that play would commence about 12 o’clock, but it was near two before all the preliminaries were arranged.”)

(NYC (5) “As the time approached for the sport to begin, immense crowds of people might have been seen wending their way along the river side, on their way to witness the tournament at the Elysian Fields, The anticipations of the proficients in the game among the spectators were fully realized throughout the match, the fielding, which is the very essence of the game, being magnificent on both sides; hence it was useless to expect large scores from the bat.”)


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(5) “Gotham vs. Eagle,” NYC, [?] Sep 1857

(6) Peverelly, pp. 22 & 26

(7) Wright, pp. 9 & 10

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