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Date Wednesday, June 13, 1888

[from Harry Palmer's column] The attendance at the week-day games [of the Chicago WL club] has thus far not averaged over 500 people, the attendance Decoration Day of 1,800 people at the two games being the largest yet recorded. It is too bad, too, for the Western Association teams are putting up a very pretty game, and one that eery town in the circuit should support handsomely. The Sporting Life June 13, 1888

the Brotherhood on the contract

[reporting on the Brotherhood meeting 6/10/1888] The committee on contracts which met the League last fall made a report of the result of its work. While the report in general was highly satisfactory, the fact was pointed out that the League had failed, through opposition, which it claimed was beyond its control, to carry out the clause relative to the insertion of the full amount of salary in the contract. Inasmuch as the Brotherhood committee had made important concession to secure the insertion of this clause originally, the League's failure was much deplored, and the question will doubtless receive future consideration. The Sporting Life June 20, 1888

Source Sporting Life
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