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Date Wednesday, December 12, 1888

[reporting the AA meeting of 12/5-12/6/1888] On Thursday the Association reassembled, and the work of revising the constitution was taken up after Mr. Von der Ahe had been elected to the chairmanship. The principal change considered was that providing for a graded salary and limit similar to that adopted by the League at its recent meeting. The subject was discussed for several hours. The good points were described, and the criticisms of the press on the matter were submitted. The most favorable point that struck the Association was that portion of the rule relating to the purchase of players from the minor leagues. It was decided finally to refer the salary matter to the gentlemen composing the Board of Arbitration—Messrs. Byrne, Stern and Krauthoff. They were authorized to act as a confederation committee, to report on the plan modified after the League scheme. This report is to be made at the spring meeting of the Association, to be held in Columbus on March 12. The committee on salary and codification have plans, and they are authorized to consult with the League managers regarding any improvement in the scheme. The idea is to make the salary limit more binding, and to have no loophole for getting around it. By referring the matter to a committee the Association hope to formulate a plan that will be superior to the League. The committee also expects to reap some advantage from the action of the League clubs and players during the winter.

Source Sporting Life
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