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Date Monday, August 7, 1871

[Olympic of Washington vs. Athletic 8/5/1871] Mr. Donnelly is a rising young player, but as an umpire he will never gain renown. An incident occurred yesterday [sic: actually two days previous to date of publication] which we were sorry to see. When Hall was at the bat, at least twenty balls were delivered to him, sufficient either to send a man to his base on balls or out on strikes, but neither a ball or a strike was called. This so incense the pitcher that he commenced to deliver slow balls, which Hall took advantage of, and hit safely for a base. It was very discouraging, we admit, but still, we think Dick [McBride] should have kept on in his usual way. It established the fact very clearly that Hall wanted his base on balls, but that was for the umpire to determine and no other. No matter how incompetent he may have been for the position, he was agreed to by both captains, and he was the proper person to decide all such points.

Source Evening City Item
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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