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Date Saturday, April 17, 1869

Dear Sirs,–So much having been said respecting the Union Club of Morrisania, I have at last determined, through you as a medium, to place the club before the fraternity in a proper light.

The club is stronger to day as an organization than ever before; it has a more numerous membership list, and its friends are fully determined to prove how radical a change can be made, and still remain, not only one of the soundest organizations, but a good playing club.

In refusing to accept the services of professionals, they regretted the loss of such gentlemen as Wright, Birdsall, and Pabor, but as they could only be induced to remain by promise of money, their resignations were promptly accepted. The Union Club won its proud name as amateurs, and so nearly lost it in their endeavors to be champions by the use of “hired men,” that the inactive members refused longer to lend their aid, and for that reason the change was made in the board of officers.

The Unions will produce a nine that cannot prove an inferior one, and with such players as Collins, Goldie, Akin, Austin, Smith, Reynolds, Abrams, Ten Eyck, Norton, Murray, Pinckney, and Parker, they fully intend to battle successfully in defending the honor of the Union.

The nine play upon the old ground at Melrose, playing more for their own amusement than any thing else. “LOYALTY”

Source National Chronicle
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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