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Date Sunday, February 7, 1869

The Union Club, of Morrisania, have determined to resign from contesting for the palm of superiority in the professional arena, and to return to their old amateur status, under which so many enjoyable summer seasons were had. Their experience with a professional nine has resulted in a less harmonious condition of things than was desirable, and they long to reinaugurate the glorious days of 1864, ‘5, and ‘6, when they had a thoroughly united club composed of men who went in for healthful exercise and exciting sport rather than filing a treasury from gate-receipts. Geo. Wright has left; and so has Shelly; Goldie, and Smith have placed themselves on the retiring-list, and the others are on the fence as to what they will do this coming season. But the club will organize a regular amateur-nine and go in for old-time ballplaying, with all its solid enjoyment; and one result will be the return of many old members of the club who have not exactly indorsed everything that has been done the past season or two. New York Sunday Mercury February 7, 1869

The Unions, of Morrisania, having ascertained that the cost of a professional club and an enclosed ground would amount to upwards of seven thousand dollars, have decided to let their professionals go, and play an amateur nine next season. Philadelphia Sunday Mercury February 14, 1869

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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