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Date Sunday, March 27, 1864

We visited this locality on Monday, and were surprised to find the grounds so hard and dry. There was not a drop of water on any portion of the inclosed space, save on a few yards of ground near the water-pipe, at the side near the open fence. The work of preparation for the season was to have been commenced last week, but the storm of Wednesday interrupted it. Before the expiration of April, however, the two clubs who are to occupy it will be able to commence play. The ground in the centre is to be raised sufficiently to throw off any water that might otherwise remain upon it after a heavy rain. This, and the erection of some sheds for the accommodation of lady-visitors, will be all that is requisite to be done. Before the season is over, the whole field will be covered with grass; and each year’s use will only add to its completeness as a ball-ground. The clubs will bat from the upper end, similarly to the old Atlantic grounds. There is ample space for two clubs to play at the same time on these grounds, and on thousand spectators can readily witness a match on them. The locality is not so favorably located for an outside crowd as the Eckford ground is; and the consequence will be that all who desire to witness a match will have to come down with their dimes, and any one who begrudges the fee to witness a first-class game of ball, on a well-kept and orderly ground, is no admirer of the game.

Source New York Sunday Mercury
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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