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Date Friday, May 9, 1890

[New York vs. Philadelphia PL 5/8/1890] Many games are called sloppy on acdount of the poor fielding, but yesterday's was not sloppy in that sense. The grounders, however, were exceedingly sloppy, especially the outfield. The players would have looked much more seasonable in bathing suits than ball suits, for the outfield was a perfect sea of mud. It was so thick that O'Rourke carried several planks into his territory to keep his feet dry and when the ball happened to drop in that neighborhood in invariably buried itself. The left and centre fields were very little better, the outfielders playing at a great disadvantage. The infield was a little better, but every now and then a fielder would drop in up to his ankles, and balls that should have been fielded had to be chronicled as base hits.

[Boston vs. Philadelphia NL 5/8/1890] The ground was soft and heavy, and it was only by a liberal use of sawdust that it was got into any kind of playing condition. The infielders had plenty of fun skating around the base lines, but notwithstanding these disadvantages the fielding, as a whole, was good.

Source Philadelphia Times
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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