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Date Wednesday, January 11, 1888

[a synopsis of a piece from the Cincinnati Times-Star about various AA city baseball reporters: Ren Mulford, Jr., Cincinnati Times-Star and The Sporting Life; F. C. Richter The Sporting Life and the Ledger; Horace F. Fogell The Sporting Life; Frank Hough, North American; A. M. Gillam, Record; Billy Volts, Press; H. H. Diddlebock, Times and Inquirer; Steve Nash, News; John Campbell, Item; Henry Chadwick, Clipper and Eagle; Geroge E. Stackhouse Tribune, Morning Journal and The Sporting Life; John H. Mandigo, Sun; June Rankin, Herald and News; Mike Lane, Star and Sporting World; Will. M. Rankin, Male and Express, J. C. Kennedy, Times; Pete Donahue, World; Edgar S. Sheridan, Missouri Republica; M. A. Lane, Post-Dispatch; Joseph A. Murphy, Globe-Democrat; Al Spink, The Sporting Nes; Dr. Isaac H. Tanner, Baltimore Morning Herald; Harry Saltzer, Sun; Joe C. Gittinger, American; John A. Baird, Louisville Evening Post; Oliver Cromwell, Louisville Commercial; Joseph A. Altsheler, Courier-Journal; Frank H. Brunell, Cleveland Plain Dealer; J. W. Kline, Herald; Harry Weldon, Cincinnati Enquirer; Ban B. Johnson, Commercial-Gazette.] The Sporting Life January 11, 1888

[a follow-up by The Sporting Life about reporters in the NL cities: Harry Boynton, Inter-Ocean; Chicago Times until recently “Chunky” Powers, Spalding's Nemesis, now Clinton C. Riley; Fred Mallory, Morning News; Harry Palmer, Evening Journal, sporting Life, formerly News and Tribune;DeWitt Ray, Herald; Johnny Wilke and Tom Gallagher, Tribune; Thomas S. Fullwood, Pittsburgh Leader; Alfred R. Crotty, Chronicle-Telegraph and The Sporting Life as “Circle”; John D. Pringle, Post; Charles A. Layman, Commercial-Gazette; Edward F. Stevens, Boston Herald; W. D. Sullivan, Globe and The Sporting Life as “Mugwump”; W. I. Harris, Globe; Jacob C. Morse, Herald and NY Clipper; C. F. Matheson, Detroit Free Press and The Sporting Life; G. A. Tomlinson, Tribune; thomas May, evening News; A. T. Cowell, Washington Evening Critic; J. W. O'Rourke, National Republican; Robert M. Larner, Morning Post and The Sporting Life; Rudolph Kaufman, Eveing Star; John H. doyle, Sunday Herald, s. C. Simms, Republic, R. Wade, The Captial; Scott; C. Bone, Indianapolis Sentinel; Harry S. New, Journal; romeo Johnson, News.] The Sporting Life January 18, 1888

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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