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Date Sunday, December 12, 1869

The attendance was smaller and less influential in character as a whole than any previous convention for some years past, the professional interest alone being fully represented. The result was mainly attributable to the lack of attendance of representatives from amateur clubs at State Association Conventions, and the severe storm. Only sixteen delegates were present to represent clubs from Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Alabama, and Kentucky. The absentees were replaced by members of clubs from other State Associations, and the result was an attendance of a working delegation of twenty-three voters, the majority of whom were controlled by the professional interest. New York Sunday Mercury December 12, 1869

the National Association convention controlled by the professionals

No one can have perused our detailed report of the proceeding of the recent base ball convention, without being forcibly struck with the fact that in but one sense was it a representative body, and that was as regards the professional clubs of the fraternity. Another fact made apparent by the action taken by the controlling power in the convention was, that the leaders of the professional interest have adopted the shrewd but unscrupulous tactics of the New York politicians, the end of which is to place the ruling powers in the hands of the worst classes of the community. In fact it was made plainly manifest that the convention was controlled by a professional “right,” and if something be not done this next year by the amateur clubs to counteract this pernicious influence, the next Convention will be marked by the repeal of the rule against betting; which is now a dead letter to professional clubs, and championship contests will be officially recognized, in which case we may say, good-by to the future welfare of the national game. National Chronicle December 18, 1869

Source New York Sunday Mercury
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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