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Date Saturday, February 19, 1870

[A delegation from the Mutuals visit Cincinnati:] They...took an extraordinary liking to Sweasy, and were beneficial in their offers of cigars and other luxuries. Their overtures were unsuccessful however. Sweasy gets a salary of $800 from the Red Stockings, and the Mutuals, through these representatives offered at first $1,500 and finally $2,000, but all to no avail. We expect a few more of the Mutual stragglers here in a few days, and if they are not more careful, they will be more exposed. The Mutuals and all other clubs, should understand that the Cincinnati Base Ball Club is an incorporated body, and governed by the charters of the State of Ohio. The contracts made by them are legal, and any infringements or losses can be made good through the courts. The Cincinnati club hold written contracts for the season of 1870, signed by each of the nine of ‘69, and they have no fears of these gentlemen forgetting their honor, and relations to society to stoop so such a base thing as breaking an honorable contract. Mr. Sweasy has...acted honorably, and, he never shall have cause to regret his action.

Source National Chronicle
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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