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Date Thursday, December 9, 1880

[reporting on the League meeting] Repeated application having been made to the Board in behalf of James A. Devlin, George Hall, and A. H. Nichols for the removal of the disabilities resulting from their expulsion from the League for alleged dishonest ball-playing, a resolution was adopted to the effect that the Board of Directors would never remit the penalties inflicted on the men names, and that no appeals touching their cases would hereafter be entertained. Chicago Tribune December 9, 1880

rules changes: pitcher moved back, number of balls and strikes reduced; putting runners out on foul balls

[reporting on the League meeting] 1. The pitcher's position is moved five feet farther from the home base than at present. 2. The number of called balls is reduced to seven, and the strikes to three, the warning of “good ball” being stricken out. … 6 A base-runner may be put out in returning to his base on a foul ball if touched by the ball in the hands of a player after it has passed through the pitcher's hand. Chicago Tribune December 10, 1880

Under the new rule, if a base-runner be on first base when the batsman hits a foul ball that is not caught on the fly or first bound, te is liable to be put out in returning to the base he had left when the ball was hit, just as he was when the old rules were in vogue, with the exception that the pitcher is not now required to be standing within the lines of his position before the ball—returned to him from the fielder—can be used to put such base-runner out. He can take the ball from the fielder even were he standing on the base the runner was returning to, and then legally put him out. It will be seen by this that not only does the batsman incur a double penalty for hitting a foul ball to that he incurs in hitting a fair one,--such ball being allowed to be caught on the bound as well as they fly,--but the base-runner is punished for the batsman's poor hitting. Chicago Tribune January 9, 1881

Source Chicago Tribune
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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