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Date Sunday, March 10, 1889

The reason for doing away with the Umpire Committee of the American Association was that it placed the members of the committee in a bad position. Every one had the idea that the umpires favored the clubs of the committee, and there was always more or less bad feeling about it. The whole thing is now in the hands of President Wikoff, and he will be held responsible for the umpires hereafter. The umpires' schedule should have been ready before this, but the failure to complete the staff has delayed the work. New York Sun March 10, 1889

All last year Mr. Byrne was charged because of his chairmanship of that committee, with undue influence over the umpire staff. At the annual meeting in St. Louis in December last he positively refused re-election to that committee, as he would not subject himself again to such imputations. The committee this year, therefore, consisted of Baltimore, Kansas City and Columbus, Mr. Byrne, having nothing whatever to do with the action of the committee. The committee selected Messrs. Gaffney, Ferguson, Holland and Sullivan, and their action was ratified at the schedule meeting held in Columbus in March last. At this same meeting it was determined to abolish the Umpire Committee and clothe President Wikoff with full power of appointment and control of umpires. Subsequent to the meeting Mr. Sullivan refused to qualify, and Mr. Wikoff, under the authority given him, appointed Mr. Goldsmith to fill the vacancy. Mr. Wikoff did this without any consultation with or advice from any official of any association club. Brooklyn Eagle September 14, 1889

Source New York Sun
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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