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Date Sunday, June 28, 1874

[Athletic vs. Mutual 6/23/74] McBride, as the captain of the nine, had refused to allow any one to run for Matthews, as the latter was not ill or injured, and this made McBride the unfortunate target for abuse from all parts of the ground. Matthews, for the last two years, has been shamming illness, so as to save himself for pitching; and the managers of three or four of the leading professional nines have determined to stop this and make him run for himself in the future; and Bond, of the Atlantics, will be dealt with in the same manner, the practice of getting substitutes to run for slow runner or pitchers now being a thing of the past. Philadelphia Sunday Mercury June 28, 1874

[Athletic vs. Mutual 6/23/74] The Athletic gained a considerable point by compelling Matthews to do his own running. Here before the Mutes have always obtained permission for a substitute to run for him, the result being that he was kept fresh. The crowd did not like this rough infringement of Mutual tactics, and hooted and yelled disgracefully. Philadelphia Sunday Republic June 28, 1874

Source Philadelphia Sunday Mercury
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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