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Date Saturday, August 10, 1867

[questions from Fairbury, Ill., players] 1. When the striker is put out, either at the home, or at other base, must he still keep batting and making his regular runs, or will he be considered dead in play until two others are in like manner put out?

2. If so, shall his runs be scored the same as any other player?

3. Can the striker be put out more than once on the same run?

Ans.1 When the striker is put out the next player follows at the bat, and so on until the side is out or it is the striker's turn to bat again. When it is his turn he goes on with his batting, just like those who have preceded him—his being put out does not make him a dead man in the game. (2). His runs will, of course, be counted like the rest. (3)-No player can be counted out more than once on the same ball. The above questions are very simply, and their settlement belongs to the very rudiments of the game. The interrogators will do well to provide themselves with a set a rules, which may be had from any news dealer.

Source Chicago Tribune
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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