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Date Saturday, November 5, 1881

The stockholders of the Providence Base Ball Association held a meeting tonight, one-quarter of the stock being represented. The indebtedness up to Nov. 1 was reported to be $1391.36. Of this amount $650 was owed players for salaries. It was voted to call on the stockholders for voluntary subscriptions of $10 each, which will settle the salary claims. All other bills go over to the next season. It was decided to have a league team in 1882, but nothing was done or said about securing outfielders of a short stop. Boston Herald November 5, 1881

[an open letter from the Providence Club president dated 12/1/81] To the stockholders of the Providence Base Ball Association, and to the patrons of base ball generally, the board of directors of the Providence Base Ball Association desire to make the following statement: At the close of the last playing season, the association found itself in arrears for unpaid salaries and incidental expenses in the sum of $1000. To meet the deficit, it was voted that a subscription of $10 be solicited from each stockholder, and this, if generally paid, would have relieved the present embarrassment, and insured the engagement of a nine of the ensuing year. The result has been, however, that, while about one-half of the stockholders have cheerfully responded to the call made upon them reducing the amount to $650, the remainder have absolutely refused to make further contributions. It cannot be expected that the directors will assume this indebtedness, nor will they devote further time to the thankless task of personal solicitations. In order, however, that it may not be said that the directors have willfully allowed the association to die when helping hands were ready to restore it to life and activity, notice is hereby given that all persons interested in the maintenance of base ball in this city may, on or before Saturday, Dec. 3, send to the treasurer, Mr. Robert Morrow, a statement of the amount they are willing to subscribe toward the furtherance of the above object, and, if such subscriptions shall be sufficient to liquidate the present indebtedness, delegates will be forthwith sent to attend the annual meeting of the league, which takes place on the 7th inst. If, however, by the evening of Saturday, Dec. 3, it shall be found that enough has not bee subscribed to meet the present indebtedness, the president is directed to forthwith forward to Chicago by telegraph the withdrawal of the Providence association from the league. Boston Herald December 1, 1881

Source Boston Herald
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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