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Date Sunday, November 16, 1873

The professionals are again in danger of the Washington club entering the list for 1874, as White (Warren), their third baseman of this season, finding that there is a surplus in the treasury, has been so much encouraged thereby that he is determined to organize a nine for next year on speculative principles, as well as to keep up what little interest there is in the game in Washington. This may be very praiseworthy in the Washingtonians, but we submit to the members of the professional clubs whether it is not time to stop the entrance of weak co-operative clubs into the championship contest. They merely complicate the series and prevent many important games from being played. They are known to have little or no chance of success in any game they play, and, per consequence, but very few persons attend as spectators. Their men being paid on the co-operative principles, or by positions in public office, their expenses are but little, especially as they make but few visits, depending on the main clubs to visit them, leave their games all lumped to the end of the season, or else, when they go on a visit, desire to have several games played ruing the visit, which latter fact is not agreeable to the real clubs, who run the risk of injury and weariness often prior to critical games, and that loss of money which is invariably the case, with a certain proportion of spectators who can afford to see but a certain numbers of games per week or month. Besides this, it is a large and real loss of money for any first-class club to visit them, as there are still less spectators in the homes of the co-operative, as a general thing, than in those of the other clubs, so that the co-operatives generally manage to pay expenses, while the others cannot begin to do so. We hope a rule will be adopted to prevent the entrance of these clubs.

Source Philadelphia Sunday Republic
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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