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Date Sunday, July 12, 1885

It is apparent to all lovers of base ball that next season will witness some radical changes in the complexion of base ball organizations. It is quite probable that the present organizations will go by the boards and in their stead will be formed two associations to be called an Eastern and Western League. Such a scheme has been canvassed for years and The Sunday Herald has repeatedly urged the adoption of such a plan. Harry Wright and Manager Scanlon were the first to adopt views in favor of the scheme among base-ballists and there is now a big feeling in favor of it. At the end of the season the two leading clubs of the respective associations could play a series of games to determine the question of championship. It is to be hoped that if next year does not witness the consummation of the project the one following (1887) will, as it is beyond question the only way to promote great rivalry between cities and sections. The (Washington, D.C.)

Source Sunday Herald
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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