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Date Wednesday, May 21, 1884

No sooner does a college player distinguish himself than he is besieged by professional offers, and particularly is this the case with pitchers. Nichols, who occupies the box for the Harvard nine, has the honor of being looked upon not only as a remarkable young pitcher, but as the finest in the college arena. His effective and skillful work has not gone unnoticed by the prfession, and there is a place for him in several nines if he sees fit to take up ball playing as a business. Manager Hackett, of the Clevelands, it seems had an eye to business of the Clevelands, it seems had an eye to business while in Boston, and had a long talk with young Nichols in relation to engaging him. The conference was not wholly in vain, as it is understood that should Nichols sign with a professional club he will give Cleveland his services. The Sporting Life May 21, 1884

hits over the fence undesirable

The [new Buffalo] grounds are a great improvement on the old lot in every way. Over-the-fence hits will be scarce. Cincinnati Enquirer May 22, 1884

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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