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Date Friday, July 25, 1890

The Players League Club in this city [Pittsburgh] has been flying the flag of distress since its return from the late Eastern tour. When the club was organized it was as a stock company. Then it was changed to a limited copartnership. At a special and very sudden meeting of S. P. Potter's office to-day [7/24] a committee was appointed to settle up the business of the club as a limited partnership, as a charter had been received placing the club upon the basis of a stock company again so that an assessment can be made on every share of stock.

One of the stockholders told The Sun correspondent that Secretary John Tener, in his call for the meeting, said it was imperative that every stockholder should be present. He stated that something would have to be done to ride over the crisis, as the average receipts during the Eastern tour were only $60 per game. This, however, Manager Hanlon denies. He states that he sent President McCallum $1,000 as part of the proceeds of the last trip. According to the figures given to the press, there were 2,667 persons at Philadelphia, 4,134 at Boston, 950 at Brooklyn, and 3,711 at New York, making a total of 8,797 admissions at 50 cents and 2,667 at 25 cents. This would amount to $5,064.25, the local team's percentage would be $2,532.13. To be added to this is the amount taken in at the grand stand. If Hanlon sent home $1,000, this would leave $1,776 for running expenses for two weeks, or $126 a day.

A number of the shareholders claimed that they were opposed to changing the club into a stock company again and would not pay any assessment if imposed. It is thou8ght, however, that the stock of the disgruntled ones can easily be bought in.

Source New York Sun
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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