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Date Sunday, February 20, 1887

[from the Washington correspondent] ...On Monday the base ball public was startled by the announced that Kelly–the “only Kelly”–had been released to Boston for the sum of $10,000–by far the largest price ever paid for a player, though in this case there can be lttle doubt that, to a club situated as are the “Beaneaters,” the purchase, even at the enormous figures named, was in every way a wise one.

With regard to the Kelly deal Mr. Young said to your correspondent: “The transaction was finally consummated under my very eyes. I had received authority from Mr. Spalding to transfer Kelly to Boston upon receipt of a draft for $10,000, and when that arrived on Monday last I had simply to forward and promulgate the contract of Chicago’s late star player. Stories have been set afloat to the effect that the financial detail of this transfer is exaggerated, and I have even seen it stated that there is reason to believe that the sum paid by Boston was not more than one-half the amount reported. These stores are absolutely without foundation. The consideration in this case was a regularly drawn draft on New York and I have held it in my hand and examined it carefully. The Philadelphia Times February 20, 1887

an esthetic assessment of the new delivery rule

The new pitching rules will have one good effect at least, that of doing away with acrobatic features in the box and making the game less like a circus. The Philadelphia Times February 20, 1887

Source Philadelphia Times
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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