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Date Sunday, July 14, 1867

[Unions of Morrisania vs. Nationals of Albany 7/8/1867] Waddell then took the bat, and having made three strikes, was giving up the ghost, but Birdsall [catcher]...dropped the ball, and taking it on the rebound, sent it nicely to second, for which Ross [runner on first] had started, and where he found he was out; the ball was then passed back to Birdsall by mistake, and while the Nationals were urging Waddell to run, and he having discovered the dodge, had started, Birdsall passed the ball to Smith [first baseman] in time to catch Waddell, thus ending the inning... New York Sunday Mercury July 14, 1867

[Unions of Morrisania vs. Niagaras of Buffalo 7/13/1867] Three of the Unions were on the bases, and Smith, at the bat, made three strikes, and Holly [catcher] dropped the ball to force the bases, and picking it up again immediately, touched the home-base, and threw the ball to third to make double play, but threw it badly. The three bases were reoccupied... New York Sunday Mercury July 14, 1867

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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