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Date Sunday, November 14, 1869

All clubs are to be known as professional clubs who divide gate-money with their players, and all who don’t will rate as amateurs, even if they collect gate-money, provided it be on their own grounds, and not by a division with other clubs, except so far as mere expenses are concerned. Amateur clubs are allowed one professional to take care of grounds, etc., but no more; if any more are paid in any way, they become a professional club. New York Sunday Mercury November 14, 1869

The amateur-professional question was brought before the meeting [of the New York State Association] by the offering of a resolution that the delegates to the national Association be instructed to take grounds to obtain a definition of what constitutes a professional and what an amateur club.

A delegate from the Atlantics desired to have the resolution of instruction passed, as from listening to the arguments advanced by the amateur side of the house, he had become convinced that the Atlantics were amateurs, inasmuch as that club does not pay its players, and officially knew nor, nor did not care what became of the money received at the gate. The resolution was passed, as was also one that was offered, that it was the sense of the Association, that a club receiving gate money, so long as it was not devoted to remunerating players, was not a professional. The general impression seemed to be that any club whose players were pecuniarily benefitted by reason of their ability to play ball, was a professional club. Philadelphia Sunday Mercury November 14, 1869

Source New York Sunday Mercury
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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