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Date Sunday, April 1, 1860

The play was at first in favor of the San Francisco Club, when in the third or fourth inning the Red Rover boys imagining that their opponents’ pitcher was not doing the fair thing by them, objected to him. The ground of their objections, as stated to the umpire, was that he pitched too swift, and put too much of a twist on the ball. This they contended was underhand bowling, and not pitching. They finally succeeded in talking another pitcher in for that innings, the result of which was, that they made, before being put out, thirteen runs on the new pitcher.


I had watched the pitcher for the last three innings, and consider him as fair a pitcher as ever took ball in hand. His motion in delivery, the speed and twist of the ball, form an exact counterpart to the pitching of P.B. Kelly, of the Putnam Club.

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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