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Date Thursday, June 19, 1884

Manlove and Brown, of the disbanded Altoona Club, signed with the Indianapolis team, and afterward jumped their contract and joined the New York League team. In face of the fact that the President and manager of the latter club were notified by telegraph by manager Gifford that these two men had been expelled for breach of contract, they were played with the New York team in Providence. In speaking of the matter the Sporting Life says: The worst part of the transaction is the evident disregard of law and right shown by the New York Club on the premises. When they approached the men they must have been made aware that they were under engagement to Indianapolis. But to leave themselves no loophole for escape, they actually played Manlove after they had received notice that he was ineligible. It will be observed that Gifford served formal protest against Manlove to Mr. John. B. Day early June 12th, yet late that afternoon Manlove caught for the New Yorks. It would have been no more than prudent not to play either of the men until further light had been shed upon the case. A pretty squabble is brewing over this questions, and from all appearances Indianapolis has the law on its side.

Source Cincinnati Enquirer
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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