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Date Tuesday, September 11, 1866

TYPOGRAPHICAL VS. AGATE.--A match between the above clubs was set down for yesterday afternoon at Carroll Park. The game was commenced and four innings played, when an interruption occurred of which a correspondent gives a very good account, and it is annexed:

“We were sorry to see this game interrupted in the manner it was, by a club who were winning their way to favor by their playing qualities, but we feel like informing them that there are reputations for other qualities not to be despised, which no club can afford to dispense with, and which are not attainable by any such boorish displays as this to which we refer on the part of the Powhatan club. As regards their coming on the ground in the manner they did, and causing the game to terminate there and then because it was their day, it would be inexcusable ever were they embarked in the enterprise of training for the purpose of wresting the laurels of the championship from the Atlantics. Their discourtesy is unprecedented and unusual, and may arise from forgetfulness on their part, as they have not been a playing club within the last five years, and may forget the courtesies that are usually extended in the fraternity of ball clubs one to another.

The game opened and continued so well in favor of the Typos that when the interruption occurred, and before it was ascertained that the Mohawks freely tendered their ground for the purpose of playing it out, brother Marin, of the Union, and others of the Agate were glad to be excused from further participation in the honors of the “game” the typos had in store for them and made home runs. They will please to note that though being turned off the ground seems bad on the part of the Typos, they usually manage to offer some sort of treat to their brother chips from New York.” Brooklyn Eagle September 11, 1866 [The game was not completed. The score after three and a half innings was 32-7 in favor of the Typographical club.]

Source Brooklyn Eagle
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