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Date Saturday, June 6, 1857

We have been asked several very puzzling queries, by subscribers, readers, and other, of the Spirit, what the Base Ball Clubs expect to do this season.  Having come out with such a large flourish of trumpets at the convention, they should have done, or do something, by this time, in the field. ... It is, however, possible that the Base Ball Clubs have met, and entered into several very exciting matches, and not sent word thereof to any of the papers.  We can only say, if they will hide themselves and their doings thus under a bushel measure, it is the fault of their secretaries.  If these gentlemen accept office, they must know that it has its duties and responsibilities, as well as its dignities and enjoyments.  One duty of a secretary, is to forward, with all convenient speed, a full and correct report of the week’s play, to the editor of this or some other journal, devoted as a speciality to out-door sports or amusements.  It cannot be expected that every mat is of sufficient importance for any paper to incur the expense of sending a reporter to attend to it.  There are, of course, occasionally, in the season, matches that excite more than ordinary interest; and to these, if we have due notice, we shall pay all necessary attention.  In the meantime, we solicit any information in relation to challenges or matches, from the secretaries of yacht, boat, cricket, base ball or, other clubs, through the length and breadth of the United States.

Source Porter's Spirit of the Times
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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