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Date Wednesday, October 19, 1887

[reporting the World Series games in St. Louis] When “the boys” bunted the ball in the first game the Detroits were standing on their head. It was something new to them to see two or three men step up to the plate in succession and make a base hit without the ball going outside the diamond. The Sporting Life October 19, 1887

[from an interview of John Kelly, World Series umpire] The Browns bunted the ball, and then the fleet-footed runners would beat it to first. This was something new to the Detroits, and especially to old Jim White, into whose territory, near the third bag, these bunted balls usually came. The Wolverines were pretty disconsolate after the game, but they did not give up. There is where their winning qualities came in. they were made of staying stuff, and they would not allow their courage to leave them. So they all got together and held a consultation. The pitchers were shown how to put the ball in so the Browns could not bunt it. They pitched very few low curves, and every hit made had to be clean and clear. There are old heads in the Detroit team, and they are hard to down. It would have delighted you to see how quick they dropped onto a point and were ready to meet each new scheme of their adversaries. The Sporting Life November 9, 1887

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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