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Date Wednesday, January 9, 1884

There is still some dissatisfaction expressed by certain of the stockholders of the Boston Club, because the report of the treasurer was not presented at the annual meeting, and because a proposition was defeated to have a special meeting for the purpose of hearing said report, and there is some talk about instituting legal proceedings to have the report read. These disgruntled people should bear in mind that no refusal to have the report presented was made. The treasurer was absent by reason of illness, and the meeting voted not to have an extra meeting, thus showing that it placed implicit confidence in that official and the board of directors; in fact, that confidence was repeatedly expressed by some of the stockholders after the adjournment. The dissatisfied stockholders have a remedy, in that they can climb the steps of the State House any time after May 1st and examine the annual report of the Boston Base Ball Association, which is an incorporated body and required by law to make a report once a year, which report is on file at the State House.....[elision in the original] The Boston Club is supposed to have made at least $30,000 profit last year. One reason why so much secrecy has been shown in the matter of publishing the correct figures is that the directors are not willing to let the people who are agitating for a new club know how much money there is in the business.

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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