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Date Wednesday, November 21, 1888

[from Ren Mulford's column] Mr. Charles N. Morris, a retired printer of this city and a gentleman of wealth, has patented a new bat which he thinks will solve the batting problem. It weighs no more than the ordinary bat now in use, but instead of being rounded is slightly oval in shape, and thus presents a broader surface with which to meet the sphere. I have not seen the bat but models will be sent East for the inspection of the Leaguers. Mr. Norris is a well-known enthusiast and one of The Sporting Life's old constituents. Said he:

“I have real all the solutions of the batting problem and I have come to the conclusion that a change of bat will do more to bring about freer hitting than anything else. I claim that there will be fewer flies and not so many foul tips knocked with this bat of mine.

Source The Sporting Life
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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