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Date Sunday, September 15, 1872

[Boston vs. Athletic 9/9/1872] [Boston down by one run, two outs, McVey on second, Spalding on first] ...Gould [hit] one to McBride [pitcher], who again made a bad throw to Malone [first baseman], and Gould kept on running to second, where Spalding was standing, Gould wishing that the ball would be thrown down to second, and thus allow McVey, who was on the third, to come home and score the tieing [sic] run, and this rather antiquated point completely deceived the Athletics, and throwing the ball to second, they were much chagrined at seeing McVey run home. This ruse was tried twice before on the Athletics by the Bostons, and we think that it is about time that the former club should see that it is greatly to their disadvantage to give a run for the chance of putting a man out, especially when, as in this case, no one was put out.

Source Philadelphia Sunday Mercury
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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