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Date Sunday, October 10, 1869

[Keystone vs. Olympic of Washington 10/1/1869] The Olympics, it is asserted, played a “waiting game,” and were given their first base seven times on called balls. Philadelphia Sunday Mercury October 10, 1869

financial shenanigans depress attendance

[Athletics vs. Atlantics 10/11/1869] The first game of the first regular series of contests this season between these clubs took place on the Capitoline Grounds on Monday, October 11, in the presence of about 2,500 people... For years past, these clubs have never met to play the first of their regular series of games together each season without the match being attended by at least from 5,000 to 10,000 spectators; but by bad management in playing social and exhibition games, and by allowing contests to go by default in order to have third games, they have so weakened the interest taken in their meetings that, by-and-by, they will find it as difficult to get a thousand people together as they now have to get twice the number; whereas formerly, when their rivalry led to eager efforts to win every match, and each match was marked by the excitement consequent upon legitimate contests between rival organizations, assemblages numbering from eight to twelve thousand, and even as high as fifteen thousand, used to be attracted to their matches. This seasons’ experience, it is to be hoped, will teach both clubs the folly of indulging in these mistaken views; for, assuredly, it will ultimately cost them the loss of thousands of dollars for the gain of a few hundreds. New York Sunday Mercury October 17, 1869

Source Philadelphia Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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