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Date Saturday, August 12, 1876

[from answers to correspondents] In the Athletic vs. Hartford game of Aug. 2 quite a number of the Hartfords stole down to second. The Athletic catcher threw the ball every time to second base, but not in time to put the runner out. Was it an error for the Athletic catcher, he doing his best to throw the runner out? … No. The errors recorded in baseball include only plain muffs, wild throws, or failures to field or catch a ball from poor play. New York Clipper August 12, 1876

Fielding errors consist of failures to catch fly-balls or foul-bound balls, after grasping or partly holding the ball; failures to throw accurately to a baseman; failures to hold balls thrown to bases; and failures to stop batted balls. Sometimes a ball is batted so swiftly that it is a piece of good fielding to stop the ball, so as to prevent two or more bases being run; but it is generally an error to fail to field a ball in time to a base. It is a double error when a fielder fails to stop a batted ball, and throws it badly to a base after muffing it. New York Clipper August 26, 1876

Source New York Clipper
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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