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Date Sunday, November 28, 1875

Announcements are made that we are to have thirteen professional base ball clubs in the field next season, as follows: Atlantic, Athletic, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Hartford, Louisville, Mutual, Philadelphia, New Haven, St. Louis, St. Louis Reds and Washington. Of these it is well known that there are but seven first-class clubs, and it is proposed that they withdraw from the Professional Association, and play only among themselves, as it is a well-known fact that it does not pay such clubs as the Boston, Athletic, or St. Louis to make extended trips to the haunts of the co-operative professionals, and play a game where the receipts would not pay a tenth part of the expenses.


We want to see good play, equally matched clubs, and plenty of honest fair work. Without these, clubs cannot prosper. Let us say one thing–the one thing we have been saying all along–no more shyster clubs–no more gate money catch-penny humbugs. Let decent clubs–and these know themselves–carry out some such regular organization as we have lately pointed out, and rest assured that the financial outcome will be satisfactory. Philadelphia Sunday Mercury November 28, 1875

We regret to see that attempts have been made in certain quarters to ignore the Philadelphia Club, and their nine next season so as to keep them out of the Professional Association, on the ground of the alleged “crooked” play of some of their nine. We should be extremely sorry to see such a course pursued, as we regard the Philadelphias to be vital to the pecuniary success of the Athletics in this city, and there is no reason why the two clubs should come in conflict, but should on the contrary, work harmoniously together, as what would be injurious to one would also prejudicially affect the other. Philadelphia Sunday Mercury November 28, 1875

Source Philadelphia Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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