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Date Sunday, April 25, 1869

[Athletic vs. picked nine 4/21/1869] Sensenderfer made three handsome fly catches; one of which–an extraordinary one-hand catch, taken while running backwards at full speed–we do not remember ever to have seen it surpassed. Philadelphia Sunday Mercury April 25, 1869

a home run over the fence

[Athletic vs. picked nine 4/21/1869] West [Fisler] sending the ball clean over the fence at the extreme corner of the ground, securing, of course, a clean home run. This was one of the longest hits on this or any other ground, Berkenstock’s famous hit in 1865, on the same ground, being the only hit at all approaching it. Philadelphia Sunday Mercury April 25, 1869

[Olympic of Philadelphia vs. Athletic 4/28/1869] Fisler [hit] the ball a regular “corker” over the fence at right field–sending Oram on an “exploring expedition” down Columbia avenue–of course securing a clean home run, this being the second he had made during the game... Philadelphia Sunday Mercury May 2, 1869

Source Philadelphia Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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