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Date Wednesday, November 28, 1888

[reporting the International Association meeting 11/21/1888] The whole afternoon and part of the night was consumed by the discussion of a salary limit. The committee appointed at the directors' meeting, consisting of Leonard, of Rochester; O'Neil, of Syracuse, and Hobbs, of London, presented a scheme which provided, First—That no contract be made for the services of any player for a longer period than five months, from May 1 to October 1. In case of violation the player to be disqualified and the club to forfeit its franchise. Second—That salaries be limited to $1,000 per season, at the rate of $200 per month. Players violating the rule to be disqualified and clubs to lose their franchise and guarantee deposit. Third—If players receive any moneys in any way, shape or manner from the club or any one acting for the club, in addition to the salary, he shall be suspended and the club shall forfeit its franchise and guarantee. Fourth—Each club shall send to the secretary within ten days of the end of each month a true copy of the pay roll for the month, and account for all sums paid players, the account and rolls to be sworn to. Fifth—No money shall be advanced to players more than $150, which shall be deducted from his salary. Sixth—If the players shall report before April 15th they shall not be paid more than $10 per week and board. Seventh—All contracts made previous to the adoption of the salary limit must conform with the above clauses.

A compromise was finally reached by the adoption of a salary limit of $12,500 exclusive of the manager, the amount of salaries for each month to be pro rate part of the entire amount. Detroit was the only member to vote negative. The advance money clause was murdered outright.

Source Sporting Life
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