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Date Thursday, October 22, 1868

The telegram sent by the Agent of the Associated Press at New York, eastward, last Monday night and published in the Boston dailies Tuesday morning, rather lets the cat out of the bag in regard to the victories of the celebrated Mutual Club last week. That the Mutual Club should in three successive games defeat three of the smartest clubs of the country, was an occurrence which le the knowing ones to surmise that a cat was concealed in the meal somewhere, and the aforesaid dispatch opens the bag, and shows th “animal” in plan view. Gate money is what is the matter, as the following dispatch will show:–

NEW YORK, Oct. 19. The champion base ball match between the Atlantic and Mutual clubs was to-day postponed until Monday next, there NOT being MONEY ENOUGH ON THE GROUND TO MAKE IT PROFITABLE.

Gentlemen of the Fraternity! Has it come to this, that a series of games cannot be played on the merits of the contesting clubs, but by an arrangement each club wins a game, and when the decisive contest is about to take place, is postpone, all because there are not enough paying spectators present to make it profitable to the Club who is to receive gate money. This is really a little too steep, gentlemen, and if this sort of thing is allowed to prevail good-bye to the reputation of our National Game for it is but a step farther and the crack clubs become mere tools in th hands of speculators and the betting fraternity. New England Base Ballist October 22, 1868

Our article last week in regard to the victories of the Mutual Club, of New York, did injustice to that club, as by later advices it appears that two of the three games won by them were obtained by their superior fielding and batting over clubs who previous to these contests were looked upon as much their superiors in both these specialties. There is an old adage that “appearances are deceitful,” and this was most certainly so in this instance, when first reports served to give the impression that there was something wrong in the games of the Mutuals with the Atlantics, Athletics and Unions. Such is not the case, however, and we congratulate the Mutuals upon their well-earned victories, which should be, and probably are, appreciated all the more from their very unexpectedness New England Base Ballist October 29, 1868 [A separate report in the same issue states the Union grounds were muddy from a morning rain on October 19. “Some parties in the city charged the postponement of the game on Monday to a desire for increased gate money, but I know that both nines were anxious to play, Cammeyer being the only man in favor of a postponement, except those of the players who were not in good trim, or who could not readily get off to play.”]

Source New England Base Ballist
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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